I’m Nathan, a multi-disciplinary designer & art director.


︎︎︎ Bio 
With 12 years of experience, I’ve supported design teams at companies large and small—from just 8 employees to well over 5000.

My work spans print and screen, with a focus on typography, identity, and design systems. Clients and past employers include Square, Headspace, Evernote, and Zendesk.

︎︎︎ Values
I’m passionate about applying design thinking to climate-driven issues. I see this area with the potential for optimism and opportunity.

My goal is to contribute to meaningful change through a planet-centric design philosophy that honors balance, community, and equity for all.

︎︎︎ Fun
I live in Seattle and am so grateful I get to explore the dramatic surrounding landscape. I love to garden and feel a strong sense of environmental stewardship, both at home and more broadly.

Strolling always fills my creative cup and sparks my curiosity—I call it a wonder wander. I really enjoy collage and definitely need a better solution for storing tons of old magazines. Big fan of dark chocolate + peanut butter.